3 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is essential to our wellness and health, yet it’s a well-documented fact that most people, especially here in America, do not get enough sleep. A CDC study reports that one in three Americans do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, while another study conducted by the Sleep Foundation found that 43% were dissatisfied with the sleep they were getting during the week and it was “rarely” what they considered a good night’s sleep.

These numbers are huge, and mean many people are seeking ways to improve both the quantity of sleep they get (number of hours) and the quality (staying asleep all night, falling into a deep state of REM sleep). Sleep is not only essential to live, but has many benefits for health and wellness of both the mind and body. Below we share 4 ways to improve your sleep.

1. Don’t Use Your Device Right Before Bed

Studies are increasingly showing that using your device, whether that be a smartphone, tablet or computer, right before bed has negative impacts on your sleep. The light from the screen can interfere with your sleep cycles, and specifically the blue light can suppress melatonin which controls your sleep/wake cycle. Additionally, if you’re browsing social media or working right before bed, these activities can get you “wound up” and your mind “psychologically” engaged, which can prove a barrier to sleep. Emotions, even positive ones, which may come as a result of browsing social media, may cause alertness and delay REM sleep. To improve the quality of your sleep, turn off your device for at least one hour prior to your bedtime.

2. Take CBD

CBD is an all-natural way to help reduce issues with sleep including increased quality and quantity. Taking CBD before bedtime for many is a way to help them sleep, and does so without any harmful side effects associated with prescription medications. CBD has been anecdotally reported to help people with falling asleep, staying asleep, and even to combat more severe sleep issues including insomnia. CBD dosage can be adjusted depending on your personal body and the severity of your sleep issues, ensuring there’s a correct dosage for everyone no matter what their sleep related needs.

3. Stick to a Schedule

Research shows that those who stick to a sleep routine, or schedule, will enjoy a better overall quality of sleep. Pick a time each night when you get ready for bed, and get into bed by. You can do this slowly, incrementally over time, until you are settled into a routine that works well for you. Your body will eventually adjust to this rhythm and schedule, and once it is in the groove it’s likely your overall sleep will improve. 

4. Exercise 

Exercise has long been shown to be helpful for those seeking a good night’s sleep. Whether you run, walk, or hit the gym, doing even a small amount of exercise can have huge implications when it comes time for bed. Make sure to add some exercise to your routine; you’ll feel better overall and will likely sleep more “like a baby” when it comes time for bed. Did you know CBD has benefits related to exercise too? (link to 3rd post).


These tips should help those struggling with sleep to improve their issues. Do you have any tips for increasing your sleep? Share it with us in the comments below and be sure to give CBD a try today!

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