5 Ways To Reduce Pet Anxiety

Life can be stressful when you’re a pet! From scary thunderstorms, to owners walking out the door at weird times, to other not-so-friendly-looking animals, there are many things that may cause stress for your pet. Even worse, some of these situations may produce actual anxiety, which is not easy to deal with in animals. Below we share 5 ways to help calm your pet. Hint: We really like #2!

  • Try a Tee: Often called a “thunder shirt,” this doggie clothing is skin tight and looks like a t-shirt. Thunder shirts work by clinging close to the body, comforting the animal and making them feel secure as they’re enveloped by the tight cloth.
  • Use CBD: You may have heard CBD reduces anxiety in humans according to some studies. Turns out, the same is true for pets! CBD is as safe for animals as it is humans, meaning your dog can enjoy CBD oil when anxiety strikes. Just add a few drops to your pet’s food, and you’re good to go. We even have a bacon flavor which may be particularly appealing to Fido.
  • Play Music: The calming effect of music has been used for a variety of purposes, and it applies to quelling anxiety. Play some relaxed or soothing tunes when anxiety strikes – they might just help your pet.
  • Training: Sometimes, training your dog in various scenarios can help alleviate anxiety. When trained from a young age (as a puppy), this is even more effective
  • Avoidance: Of course, one solution is to avoid potentially stressful situations, whether those be ones with other dogs or ones that are overly noisy! Once you know what upsets your pet, you can do your best to steer clear of these scenarios and eliminate the anxiety before it starts.

So there you have it. Five ways to reduce anxiety in pets. Be sure to check out our site and learn more about #2 and give it a try yourself.

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