CBD For Pets: Reasons To Give It A Try

At Plant Based Hemp we offer a wide variety of products for humans and pets alike! Our tinctures come in both human and pet varieties, and can provide great benefits to anyone who takes them. CBD is becoming increasingly popular for humans, and the good news is it can pose some real benefits for canines, too. When it comes to treating pet anxiety (link to previous post) or other ailments, here are a few good reasons to give CBD a try.

It’s All Natural 

While there are many ways to treat anxiety in pets, one reason many people turn to CBD is due to the fact it’s plant-based, and thus a natural product. Traditional medications involve chemicals and other fabricated substances, so choosing CBD is a way to ensure you are keeping things natural for your pet and in your home.

You Can Control The Dosage

Tinctures are great because they allow you to control the dosage of CBD, and to change doses over time. This flexibility works well for pets, which of course vary in size as well as symptoms. If your dog is small, or only suffers from mild anxiety, you can start with a  small dose or single drop of CBD. Or, if they are larger or have severe anxiety issues, you may wish to use a larger dose. You can easily increase the amount of CBD you give your pet depending on their size, weight and the severity of their anxiety. It’s possible to experiment with dosages and to scale up or down over time as need be. As tinctures come in handy droppers, you know you are controlling the dose and can regulate it easily. 

It Tastes Good

We know pets are always looking for good flavor, which is why we offer our bacon-flavored tincture which we created specifically for pets. This product packs big bacon flavor, making it irresistible to pets. Not only does it offer the benefit of reducing stress and quelling anxiety, it’s delicious and your pet will look forward to tasting it.

It’s Comfortable

Prior to CBD, one of the most popular methods of controlling pet anxiety was to put pets into a tight-fitting shirt called a “thunder shirt.” While these shirts are often effective and have benefits, they can also be restrictive or uncomfortable for pets to wear. Not all pets are partial to wearing clothing, and some may find other negatives when donning the shirt such as skin irritation or simply a dislike of something on their body. CBD avoids putting your pet into any such discomfort.


Have you tried CBD for your dog yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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