Cooking With CBD: Creative Treats To Try

By now you are more than aware of the myriad benefits of CBD. From helping with sleep issues, to reducing anxiety, to reducing inflammation and post-workout muscle pains, it’s a versatile and popular wellness tool. With so many potential uses and benefits, CBD is becoming a big part of many peoples’ lives and something integrated into their daily regimen.

What better way to incorporate CBD into your life than by customizing your favorite foods with CBD added in? At Plant Based Hemp, we use a sunflower seed oil base and offer several flavored tinctures, meaning CBD doesn’t have to just be taken by itself, but can also be enjoyed as part of a meal. It’s possible to integrate CBD into your food and even drinks for a tasty twist.

Here are a few ideas on how you might use your CBD oil in a creative, food-focused way.

CBD Guacamole

As guacamole generally includes olive oil and lime, adding a bit of CBD oil (especially our lemon-flavored tincture) in with your favorite recipe is an easy and delicious way to up your guac game. 

CBD Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies hot out of the oven? What about fudge brownies? CBD oil lends itself to baking, so it’s possible to bake it into your favorite treats whatever they may be. If you have a sweet tooth, baked goods with a bit of our sunflower seed oil-based CBD may be just the thing for you.

CBD Salad Dressing

If you’re a fan of healthy food, there are still ways to add CBD to your meal! CBD salad dressing is quick and easy to make – just mix a bit of CBD oil with your favorite vinegar and you have instant dressing with the addition of CBD. You can even drop a bit of CBD directly onto your salad if you like.

CBD Iced Tea

Adding a few drops of CBD tincture to your favorite drink is a quick and easy way to reap the benefits of CBD. How about adding CBD to your favorite juice, soft drink or tea? Our peppermint tincture in particular goes great with iced tea. You can even add CBD to water. 

Don’t see something you like? Feel free to get creative. CBD oil can be added to most foods or drinks. Share your ideas for CBD recipies with us in the comments below.


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