Organic and Natural: The Details Behind Our Promise

As we state on our website, we’re proud to offer CBD products that are natural and organic. These small words pack a lot of meaning, so below we take a look at the details to help you understand why, and how, you benefit.

The Plant Based Hemp Promise

“Our hemp extract CBD Oil is manufactured from certified Colorado Industrial Hemp. Our products have no herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMO.”

No Herbicides

Herbicides are chemicals used to treat plants, including crops. Herbicides are intended to kill unwanted plant growth, such as weeds, that plague crops. They are often referred to as the more simple “weed killers.” The key is that herbicides contain chemicals. At Plant Based Hemp we do not want at chemical residue in our products, so we source from crops that do not use herbicides.

No Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals used to kill “pests” that attack or make their home on crops, which is generally a wide variety of insects. Pesticide use in the farming industry is massive, and pesticides are frequently applied to crops as a standard procedure. The problem with these, like herbicides, is that again they are chemicals. Even when you wash a crop it’s extremely difficult to get all the pesticide off, meaning some residue is left on whatever product is delivered to the consumer. At Plant Based Hemp we avoid this problem entirely by sourcing crops that are organic and pesticide-free.

Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are, as they sound, fertilizers that contain chemicals. While fertilizers in general can be positive and beneficial, and often are essential for growing a successful crop as they introduce important nutrients that stimulate growth, those containing chemicals bring about the same concerns as herbicides and pesticides. There are natural fertilizer options, and we source our materials from farmers who use these.


GMO stands for “genetically modified organism,” and refers to something that’s been altered in a lab using genetic engineering or similar technology. While there are benefits to using GMOs when growing crops (improved strength, resiliency to pests), there’s a lot of debate and uncertainty around GMOs. The jury is definitely still out on whether they can harm you. Recognizing this, we ensure our products are non-GMO to eliminate any concern.

The Benefits

CBD oils by Plant Based Hemp are all natural, to ensure you aren’t putting chemicals or toxins into your body. As many people choose to eat organic foods, our oils follow these same principles — clean and free of chemicals so you’re always aware of what you’re ingesting, even in a small amount such as through our tinctures. Our products also respect our planet and help keep it safe, as we avoid supporting businesses who introduce additional chemicals or dangerous toxins into the soils and water supply.

CBD oils from Plant Based Hemp help you make good choices for yourself and for the planet. Shop our selection of certified products now!

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