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The Power of Sunflower: The Lowdown on Our Tincture Base

When people visit our website, one of the first questions we often get is “why do you use sunflower oil?” Coconut oil is most commonly used when creating CBD tinctures, so the choice to use sunflower oil often comes as a surprise. What’s more, many people don’t generally associate these beautiful yellow flowers with oil, much less a CBD base. But we’re proud to use organic sunflower oil in our products! In the post below, we share a bit more about the lesser-known sunflower oil, from fun facts to key benefits.

What is Sunflower Oil?

Sunflower oil is a natural oil derived from the sunflower plant, more commonly known as the large, round yellow flowers with black seeds in the middle. Sunflower oil has a mild taste and variety of health benefits. It’s rich in vitamins, high in good fats, and can even withstand hot temperatures.

How Else is Sunflower Oil used?

Aside from serving as the base for Plant Based Hemp’s amazing CBD products, sunflower oil has a ton of uses.

Cooking: Sunflower oil can be used as a substitute for vegetable oil, coconut oil, or any other cooking-based oil product.

Food Products: Sunflower oil can similarly be used in spreads (think about a butter substitute based in this oil) as a replacement ingredient.

Beauty Products: Sunflower oil is used in cosmetics, such as skin creams or lip balms, because it offers great healing and protective properties for the skin

Medications: With myriad health benefits, sunflower oil is sometimes used in medications or as a herbal remedy/supplement.

Why Use Sunflower Oil in CBD?

There are a variety of reasons we choose sunflower oil as our base, the main one being to provide an alternative. As the majority of CBD products use coconut oil, we wanted to give CBD users another option in case they are allergic to coconut (or in case they simply don’t like it). Additionally, sunflower oil offers many great benefits as we talked about above, so it’s a natural choice. It also makes Plant Based Hemp’s tinctures unique!

Browse our sunflower oil-based products and taste the difference now!

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