The Benefits of CBD and Taking Hemp Seed Oil

While the number of people using cannabidiol oil continues to grow, the general populace still has some misconceptions about using CBD products. There is still confusion about what the benefits are of CBD oils and whether these products contain any psychotropic effects.

Let’s clear up some of that confusion and also educate more people about the benefits of CBD extracts.


CBD is not psychoactive

Cannabidiol is one of 104 chemicals that can be isolated from the cannabis plant. Ingesting CBD will not get you high. CBD does not produce the same effect that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound in marijuana does.

Perhaps some of the popular confusion is due to both chemicals referred to by their three-letter acronyms. Think of the two chemicals this way: the one closer to the start of the alphabet (CBD) is non psychedelic, and the one further down the alphabet (THC) is.


Pain reduction from CBD oil

More medical practitioners are citing reports that find CBD oil can provide relief from sufferers of chronic pain.

How this happens is that your body has something called the endocannabinoid system (ECS for short.) The ECS oversees your body’s sleep patterns, immune system, and even when you feel hunger. A person’s endocannabinoid system also regulates how they feel pain.

When someone in pain swallows CBD oil, the extract lowers the neurotransmitter activity in their ECS network. This can reduce their feelings of pain by reducing the levels of inflammation in one’s body.

CBD oil can be used by humans and pets to treat their pain symptoms from a variety of medical issues like arthritis, pain caused by diseases, injured muscles and recovery from surgeries.


CBD can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms

Many millions of people suffer greatly from depression and anxiety. Some people may be able to do their daily activities but hide their worry or panic underneath the surface. Others more deeply affected by these issues can find it difficult or even impossible to step outside their door or even answer the phone.

A 2011 medical study found CBD oil reduced the level of anxiety in a group of people that were nervous about speaking in public. Yet another more recent report showed a reduction in stress and anxiety in children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

More research is being conducted but the early indicators show a very promising future for people that deal with excessive fear and dread.


CBD can reduce high blood pressure

By reducing anxiety and stress in our bodies, CBD oil is also being looked at as a means to reduce high blood pressure.

In a 2017 trial given to 10 men, doctors found that a 600 mg dose of CBD oil reduced their resting blood pressure and also decreased what was expected to be a higher result when the men were given an active stressor.

Needless to say, the long-term outlook for heart health could be vastly improved if future research continues to paint a rosy picture of CBD oil usage.


Other positive health outcomes of taking CBD oil are also producing positive signs, such as reducing severe acne, diabetes prevention, cancer and tumor reduction, and in treatments for epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.

In the near future taking CBD oil may be as common for our society as one swallows an aspirin.

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