The Plant Based Promise: All About Third Party Lab Testing

At Plant Based Hemp, our promise includes providing our customers with high quality, pure and tested CBD products. This means we offer a trustworthy product we are confident in and can stand behind, and we also don’t ask you to simply take our word for it. We are proud to offer CBD which has withstood third-party lab testing, to provide transparency and serve our loyal customers.

What Is Third Party Lab Testing?

Third party lab testing refers to the process of getting an outside laboratory to conduct research, or test, a product. A product could be a food or health product, or even a consumer product such as a toy or electronic device. Third party testing generally occurs in a lab, where scientists or other qualified professionals conduct an analysis of the product. 

Third party labs are those whom are not affiliated with a manufacturer or distributor of a product, and thus not endorsed or directly connected. This allows for objective vetting of a product, by a party with no vested interest in the test results. 

Since there are many steps to CBD production – from initial planting of the seed all the way through processing and packing to shipment – it’s important to test the product and validate it is in the form of promised and expected. Third party lab testing is one way to prove to customers that a product is safe and contains ingredients or parts consistent with what is advertised. 

What Might A Third Party Lab Test For?

While there are many things to test for and these vary depending on the product, the underlying idea is to confirm the quality, components and potency of a product. When it comes to CBD, it’s likely a lab would test for some or all of the following: 

  • Potency: How strong is the CBD product? Is it as potent as advertised on the packaging?
  • Residual Materials: Whether this be a solvent used in processing, or a pesticide present when growing, labs generally check for the presence of residual substances which may be undesirable, especially in a natural product.
  • Heavy Metal: As CBD comes from hemp seeds grown in the ground, like other food or animal products heavy metals might be present if absorbed by roots, and it;s important to test for them.
  • Safety: The lab may confirm that the product is safe for human consumption, based upon components found in the CBD.

Why Is Third Party Lab Testing Important?

Third party lab testing is important, as it provides a neutral, unbiased and accurate assessment for a consumer product. Third party testing validates products are safe, and that their ingredients and components are consistent with what a company is advertising. Companies that engage in third party testing generally offer positive products and transparency, which are extremely important to consumers especially when it comes to natural products and those that are ingested. 


Check out our selection of third-party laboratory tested CBD products today! 

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